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Need a Career Change? Pet Grooming!

Central Jersey Grooming Academy has been the perfect bridge for many looking to change careers over the past few years.

  • Dawn Ledbetter - Owner / Instructor - 7 Years ago I made the decision to take my 20 plus years of grooming experience and share that knowledge and training with students from all over New Jersey and New York. A career in Pet Grooming is the best choice I ever made and still can't believe that I get to go to work everyday and spend time with dogs.  You could live that same dream after attending Central Jersey Grooming Academy!

About Us

Central Jersey Grooming Academy was formed out of a strong interest for individuals to learn pet grooming as a career. Read more...


Our unique teaching environment is highly personal and attention driven. We want you to become the best, most professional groomer you can be. Read more...

Class Schedule

We offer daytime instruction from Monday-Wednesday for full time instruction. Saturdays for part time instruction. Read more...

Student Info

We want your educational experience to equip you for a long career in pet grooming. Our classes are both fun and knowledge driven. Read more...

Looking for the Next Level in Your Pet Grooming Career? Become a Grooming Instructor!

If you have 2.5+ years of pet grooming experience, an eye for grooming detail, a self-starter mentality and excel at 1-on-1 personal communication, you may find a great new career opportunity with us at Central Jersey Grooming Academy.

We are currently interviewing instructors for both part-time (2-3 days per week teaching) and full-time (two days teaching at CJGA and three days grooming at Hair of the Dog – our professional shop).

Central Jersey Grooming Academy is a top grooming training facility located in Matawan, NJ.  Students attend from New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New York.

While previous teaching or mentoring experience is a plus, it is not necessary in order to apply.

Some of the positive attributes we’re looking for in a grooming instructor include:

  • 2.5+ years grooming experience
  • Attention to grooming detail
  • Able to teach grooming skills in an easy to learn way with on-going patience with new learners
  • Self-starter – we’re not looking for student babysitters – you need to know when it’s time to offer verbal instruction and when it’s time to be hands-on
  • Ability to notice when incorrect techniques are being used and patiently train to correct
  • Multi-task between multiple students in the same room
  • Possess skills or be willing to learn positive reinforcement, force-free dog training in the grooming salon
  • Excel at time management
  • Display personal confidence and skill level without an ego
  • Team player with other staff members and instructors
  • Be willing to accept critique on instruction techniques
  • Communicates well 1-on-1 with students, other staff and customers
  • Flexible and patient with varying skill levels and needs of students
  • Not afraid to lead and be lead based on the overall curriculum
  • Open to new skill learning in coordination with our full curriculum

Central Jersey Grooming Academy has been teaching pet grooming students for more than 7 years. Our current 16-week, 3 day full-time classes range from 8-12 students based on demand from term-to-term. Our curriculum teaches a combination of pet behavior, body language, canine communication, pet training, nutrition, grooming skills from bathing to scissoring, pet CPR, pet health and welfare, business practices and more. When students sign up for CJGA, they often say that we have the most complete grooming school program of all the school’s they’ve visited. Students don’t come to us to only be trained for a career, they come to learn how to be pet advocates in grooming and in life.

If you have not had formal positive-based pet training experience you will be required to learn some techniques in keeping with the training in the class. Also, we also certify all students for a special skin and coat certification which requires study and testing. Both of these are mandatory for our instructors but not necessary skills or certifications in order to apply. We will guide you in learning both.

Our open positions may be perfect for you if you are …

  • A recently retired groomer looking to stay in the industry but not looking to tire your body any longer having to groom day in and day out. 2-3 days a week (Monday, Tuesday and possibily some Wednesdays) keep you busy and offers just the right mix of mentoring, grooming and part-time income.
  • A recent business owner that has closed their shop due to employee issues or just flat out being tired of business ownership. Whether it’s two days a week as a teacher or full-time as both a teacher and groomer, this opportunity leads your career in a new, exciting direction.
  • A groomer that is interested in or has skills as a positive reinforcement dog trainer – CJGA will be launching a dog training academy in the very near future.
  • A young, vibrant leader with excellent grooming skills that’s looking to take their career in a direction not often reachable on your own.
  • A current mobile groomer that just wants out of the van to be part of a team a few days a week.
  • A well-skilled groomer that is not happy in their current salon that would like a positive place to work that combines a mix of teaching and grooming.

Here are the benefits of becoming an instructor at CJGA:

  • You refine your skills as you teach and mentor others.
  • You give back to new students as your mentors gave to you.
  • Flexibility to work 2-3 days per week if you’re a current or retired groomer.
  • Possibility of becoming a leader with a partial ownership stake in a new campus when we expand.
  • Teaching is far less stressful on your body than full-time grooming. You are required to finish dogs each day but it’s not like the stress you encounter in full-time grooming.

We are NOT looking for perfect people – we all have flaws. You DO NOT need to be a master-groomer – while it’s a plus it is not required.

We are looking for experienced groomers with a passion to teach and train hands-on skills in a force-free grooming environment. If this is you, we would love to schedule an interview with you.

Interview one will be a chance to meet you, talk about our full program and how it matches your current skill level and career interest. Once we have met in person, all qualified candidates will be asked to come for a second interview to exhibit hands-on grooming skills on two different dog breeds. We will supply the dogs for you to groom. After all candidates have come for a skills interview we will ask the best candidates to come for one final in-person interview in a teaching capacity with our current students.

The three interviews are not taken lightly as we are looking for the best fit possible in our instructors. We have a great reputation in the area and are looking to take things to the next level. We take very seriously the hiring of instructors because our standards for graduation are high. We only give full certificates to those that have earned it. If our instructors are not focused on teaching then students may not be eligible for their certificates at the end of the program.

Full-time salary and compensation will be based on skill-level and overall leadership potential in the current and future plans of CJGA. For those looking to work part-time only, we pay a standard daily rate that is comparable to what groomers earn each day. Your daily rate is the same regardless if the day is 5 hours or 10 hours long.

If you have any questions before applying, please contact Brent at 732-939-0600.

Use our website CONTACT US form to let us know you would like to apply and schedule an interview.

Once we have heard from you, we will reach out with further instructions and request a resume. In your initial email please tell us a little about:

  • Who you are,
  • Your dedication to pet welfare and excellent grooming skills
  • Time in grooming
  • Briefly, why you believe becoming an instructor would be a good fit for you.

All qualified candidates will be given a first, in-person interview.

We look forward to both having you apply and building a team of grooming instructors that will take Central Jersey Grooming Academy to the next level.

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Dog Grooming School New Jersey

Our 2,400 sq. foot facility was specifically designed for ease of instruction and the health and safety of each pet and student groomer that enters Central Jersey Grooming Academy.

Our goal is to teach every pet grooming student, humane and stress-free grooming. Most importantly, regardless of where you start your pet grooming career, you will leave Central Jersey Grooming Academy with a sense of completion and professionalism that enables you to hit the ground running!