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Dawn Ledbetter

Founder - Central Jersey Grooming Academy


We try to make our schooling affordable for everyone. Just like training for any other career or getting a certification of trade, your tuition should be seen as an investment in your future. Most students will make back their tuition within the first 6 months of working as a pet groomer. That's a small amount of time to see a great return on your educational investment.

Complete Professional Groomer Course - $6700 for full grooming program: practical hands on training, video, written instruction and testing. After you have completed the initial 16 weeks of practical training, you will be assessed for possible program completion. Additional weeks may be required in order to fully complete the skills assessment required for program completion and a Central Jersey Grooming Academy certificate of completion.

Application Fee

The application fee of $50 is required to accompany your application for processing in order to hold your place in class. Since we typically have students fill out the application online, the application fee is due during the tour time.

Equipment Cost

The cost of the recommended complete equipment kit is approximately $850-$1100. We will give you a list of what is needed, cost will depend on the upgraded equipment purchased. If you already have some of the equipment, you do not need to purchase items already owned. However you will have to be school approved. We also have complete kits you may purchase directly from us.

Refund Policy

A full (100%) refund of all monies paid with the exception of application fees will be given to the student requesting a refund within three (3) business days after signing the enrollment agreement. No refunds are issued until after 30 days commencing the registered class.

Refunds beyond the first week will be prorated according to the hours completed. Hours completed will be charged at the regular hourly rate of $75 per hour.

All refunds are made in full to the student after thirty (30) days of the date of official written withdrawal. Amounts of refunds will vary according to course hours completed.

Payments for Tuition

We require a $1675 retainer to reserve your place in the class session. The retainer is non-refundable until the 30th day of class as we only accept up to 8 students per session. Should a refund be requested prior to the beginning of the class session, Central Jersey Grooming Academy will issue a check after the 30th day of the refund request.

There are two options for payment:

1. Payment in Full - $6700.

2. We also offer each student the option to pay in 4 equal payments over the 16 week course.  Payments amount to $1675.


Our unique teaching environment is highly personal and attention driven. We want you to become the best, most professional groomer you can be. Class sizes are no more than 8 per 18 week period. You are guaranteed to get professional one on one instruction from our instructor. She is educated with 21 years of grooming experience and has a background working as a veterinary assistant. Our instructor is educated in professional dog training and has worked extensively with shelters and rescues. Our curriculum is an intricate blend of book theory and techniques matched with 100% hands-on experience. 

Your course curriculum is as follows:

Orientation and Behavior Training - 2 Weeks

  • School policies and procedures
  • Accident prevention and shop safety
  • Developing a routine order for maximum efficiency
  • Identification and proper use of tools and equipment
  • First aid for people and Pets CPR (video)
  • Breed identification
  • Pet body language & behavior (lectures/video/guest speakers)
  • Handling & holding techniques for bathing and prepping
  • Use of muzzles for your safety and the safety of the pet


Students will learn to identify & execute:

  • Proper uses of shampoos and treatments
  • Proper shampoo selection
  • Diseases
  • Parasites
  • Ear care and nail care
  • Ear and nail anatomy
  • Trimming sanitary areas
  • Trimming pads and faces
  • Identify matting
  • Ear and skin infections
  • Proper use of grooming equipment
  • Types of grooming tools
  • Basics of pet grooming
  • Proper handling of canines and felines
  • Brushing and combing
  • Skin problem identification
  • Preparatory clipping
  • Bathing and drying styles and techniques
  • Basic finishing techniques


Students will also study the following:

  • Canine anatomy
  • Breed history
  • Origin
  • Group classification
  • Breed purpose
  • Temperament
  • Colors
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Official standard

Basic Skills - 3 Weeks

  • Basic trimmings of feet and furnishings
  • Body clipping
  • Basic puppy cuts and shave downs
  • Prep trimming
  • Continuing to develop your routine
  • Beginning hair clips
  • Scissoring feet and body
  • Use of additional grooming tools
  • Instruction on clipper, scissor and blade maintenance & repair
  • Use of restraint equipment for proper and safe restraint and handling of pets
  • Expressing anal glands
  • Proper and efficient bathing techniques
  • Learning when its appropriate to air dry for maximum efficiency
  • Proper use of high velocity forced air dryers
  • High velocity drying safety
  • Proper fluff drying techniques
  • Avoiding brush burns

Training & Demonstration - 10 Weeks

  • Setting breed patterns
  • Clipping poodle feet and faces
  • Clipping felines
  • Trimming for mixed breeds
  • Finishing touches
  • Use of snap on combs
  • Simple clips for the sporting and non-sporting groups
  • Clips for the terrier group
  • Grooming breeds from the Hound, Toy, Working, Herding, Sporting and Non-Sporting,and Terrier Groups
  • Safe handling and bathing of felines(optional)
  • Flea and Tick Identification and Removal
  • Specialized wet shedding techniques
  • Safe and efficient removal of matting
  • Safe use of dematting tools
  • Use of special de-shedding tools
  • Proper use of tools and equipment
  • Handling difficult or aggressive animals
  • Handling puppies and kittens
  • Handling elderly animals
  • Handling & holding techniques for grooming
  • Difference between manhandling and proper restraint of pets
  • Making and applying bows & bandanas
  • Rare breed grooming
  • Advanced Poodle Patterns
  • Hand scissoring
  • Bichon Frise and other Advanced clips
  • Efficiency and speed grooming techniques
  • Class Trips
  • Students will be expected to complete 30 hrs of shelter work over the 18 week course

Certification Completion 3 Weeks

  • Continued practice in increasing your skill level, efficiency, speed
  • Time management in a salon to maximize production and profits
  • Pricing your services
  • Building your business
  • Client relations
  • Building repeat business
  • Bringing all the steps together for maximum efficiency
  • Sculpting and skimming
  • Hand Stripping and Show Grooms (videos)
  • Advanced Pet Design techniques for extra pizzazz
  • Creative styling and coloring
  • Designer Dog styles

In order to receive a certificate of graduation you must demonstrate that you are capable of performing a minimum of eight complete hair cuts, each taking no longer than 3 hours start to finish, according to our professional standards. You will groom on your own without being able to ask questions, be strictly timed and must show attention to detail as well as timeliness. After each successful grooming exam, you will move on to the next level. Once all eight exams are complete, you will receive your certificate of graduation. There will also be periodic written exams and quizzes given, as well as written and reading homework assignments throughout our program.

Class Schedule

Class Days & Times

We offer full-time grooming training classes with a schedule of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

All classes have a 1/2 hour lunch break and two 15 minute breaks (one morning - one afternoon). We have a strict policy against the use of cell phones and other electronic devices. All personal matters should be taken care of during our break times.

Starting March 2014, Central Jersey Grooming Academy will begin offering a PART-TIME Dog Grooming Course on Saturdays.

In order to begin the part-time class, each student must attend two weeks at full time hours before assuming the Saturday only schedule. All part-time students must still complete the overall program hours and testing in order to receive a certificate of completion. All tuition payments are also required on the same schedule as the 18 week students even though part-time students will complete the course somewhere between 42-48 weeks.

Time Off, Vacations or Leaves of Absence

If you need to take a break from school just give us two weeks notice. All requests must be made in writing and approved by the school administrator. If your leave is approved, you will be reinstated to the class at the point you left off. In some instances, you may have to wait for the next 18 week course to begin in order to be reinstated. There are no refunds once you begin classes. We are serious about training you and want the same level of commitment in return.

Class Sessions


Late May-August


Class hours vary starting at 9 am running until approximately 5 pm

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About Us

Central Jersey Grooming Academy was formed out of a strong interest for individuals to learn pet grooming as a career. Furthermore, as a pet grooming business for more than 10 years, we were continually frustrated at the level of education and proficiency our new employees were showing after graduating from other schools. We often had to re-train new graduates on the most basic tasks.

Therefore, we decided to offer a level of education that would instruct students properly from the beginning. When you graduate from Central Jersey Grooming Academy, you will not only receive a certificate of completion, but will be fully prepared for a professional grooming career. To us, a professional grooming education does not simply give you grooming competency, it means you've reached a level of competency, comfortability and professionalism.

Our 2,400 sq. foot facility was specifically designed for ease of instruction and the health and safety of each pet that comes in.

Our goal is to teach you professional, humane and stress-free grooming. Most importantly, regardless of where you start your career, you will leave Central Jersey Grooming Academy with a sense of completion and professionalism that enables you to hit the ground running!

Our Location

Hair of the Dog
1 Ravine Drive
Matawan, NJ
(732) 970-4999

Dog Grooming School New Jersey

Our 2,400 sq. foot facility was specifically designed for ease of instruction and the health and safety of each pet and student groomer that enters Central Jersey Grooming Academy.

Our goal is to teach every pet grooming student, humane and stress-free grooming. Most importantly, regardless of where you start your pet grooming career, you will leave Central Jersey Grooming Academy with a sense of completion and professionalism that enables you to hit the ground running!