Our unique teaching environment is highly personal and attention driven. We want you to become the best, most professional groomer you can be. Class sizes are no more than 8 per 18 week period. You are guaranteed to get professional one on one instruction from our instructor. She is educated with 21 years of grooming experience and has a background working as a veterinary assistant. Our instructor is educated in professional dog training and has worked extensively with shelters and rescues. Our curriculum is an intricate blend of book theory and techniques matched with 100% hands-on experience. 

Your course curriculum is as follows:

Orientation and Behavior Training - 2 Weeks


Students will learn to identify & execute:


Students will also study the following:

Basic Skills - 3 Weeks

Training & Demonstration - 10 Weeks

Certification Completion 3 Weeks

In order to receive a certificate of graduation you must demonstrate that you are capable of performing a minimum of eight complete hair cuts, each taking no longer than 3 hours start to finish, according to our professional standards. You will groom on your own without being able to ask questions, be strictly timed and must show attention to detail as well as timeliness. After each successful grooming exam, you will move on to the next level. Once all eight exams are complete, you will receive your certificate of graduation. There will also be periodic written exams and quizzes given, as well as written and reading homework assignments throughout our program.