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On your first day...

On your first day of class, have all your tools marked with your name or initials so that if you lay it down somewhere, we know who to return it to. You will be responsible for all your grooming tools. The school will not be held responsible for lost or damaged tools.

You need to bring some sort of equipment bag or tackle box to keep all of your equipment organized. Tis can be purchased from or from a craft store such as Michaels or Joanns.

Dress Code

The required uniform is scrub tops and bottoms. Your shoes need to be comfortable and have non-skid soles. Proper shoes such as sneakers or any type of a nursing shoe is required. If proper attire is not worn you will be asked to leave class until proper uniform is acquired. Hair must be neat and not interfere with grooming. Jewelry such as dangling earrings or facial piercings are NOT permitted. Scrubs can be purchased online. We recommend the following sites: Uniform City, Uniform Advantage, Uniform Country, and All Heart.

Tools of the Trade

You can choose to either order the equipment yourself from the following list or purchase you equipment from the school.  If you chose to purchase these items yourself you may do so from the following websites: Petedge, JB Wholesalers, or Ryans.  You may find other places as well.  Eye and ear protection can be purchased from any hardware store.

  • 1 Notes from the grooming table
  • 1 The Complete Dog Book
  • 1 Theory of 5
  • Home Veterinary Handbook
  • Canine Body Language(optional)
  • 1 greyhound comb
  • 1 metal flea comb
  • 1 soft medium slicker brush
  • 1 Dremel/Nail Grinder
  • 1 Andis AG2 super 2 speed clipper with #10 blade
  • 1 small slicker brush
  • Boar bristle brush
  • Pin Brush
  • Rubber curry brush
  • 1 Furminator(optional)
  • 1 pair of 7.5 double duck ultra gold shears
  • 1 large nail clippers
  • 1 small cat nail clippers
  • 1 ear powder
  • Ear cleaner
  • 1 pair non locking straight hemostats
  • 1 quick stop
  • 1 quick stop holder
  • 1 pack of grooming bands
  • 1 pair 8" straight shark fin shears
  • 1 tool box to store equipment can be purchased from pet edge or craft box from any craft store(Michaels, A.C.Moore)
  • 1 clipper cool spray with disinfectant
  • 1 pair 8" curved shark fin shears
  • 1 #40 blade
  • 1 #30 blade
  • 1 #15 blade
  • 1 #7F blade
  • 1 #5F blade
  • 1 mat breaker
  • 1 #5 skip blade
  • 1 #4 skip blade
  • 1 set of large and small snap on combs
  • 1 pair of 46 tooth double duck  thinning shears
  • 8 finger guards
  • 2 Thumb guards
  • Tooth brush
  • Ear and Eye Protection

That's all that is required. Students choose to add other items, but it's not needed, just optional.

Dog Grooming School New Jersey

Our 2,400 sq. foot facility was specifically designed for ease of instruction and the health and safety of each pet and student groomer that enters Central Jersey Grooming Academy.

Our goal is to teach every pet grooming student, humane and stress-free grooming. Most importantly, regardless of where you start your pet grooming career, you will leave Central Jersey Grooming Academy with a sense of completion and professionalism that enables you to hit the ground running!